Prodotti e servizi principali:

  • Arredamento
  • Cucine componibili
  • Architettura d’interni di design



The company was set up in Caldogno in 1925 with the name of its founder, Silvio Fortuna Senior. It was an artisan laboratory specialising in wood-working, with a vocation for quality. In 1960 the company became “Arclinea Cucine Componibili”, where Arc stands for Arredamento Razionale Componibile (Rational Modular Furniture) and it shifted towards series production, leaving behind its artisan aspect and dedicating all its production energy to kitchen furnishings. This earned it a precise placing in the sector. Today Arclinea is a prestigious and internationally famous brand with selected specialist sales points worldwide.

Basing its combination of tradition and innovation on the criteria of functions, Arclinea has modified the kitchen, in time transforming it from a show of status into a space for living, somewhere chosen for the pleasure of preparing, cooking and sharing. There is no doubt that our vision has radically reinterpreted the way kitchens are seen and used. Our approach, founded on careful analysis of the evolution of our collection, has opened two alternative routes. The design of the kitchen, the room that has always been the fulcrum for family life and activity, moves in two different directions: the large ‘socialising” kitchen with its diversified planning aspects and the ‘mimetic’ kitchen with all its totally customisable services and functions, perfect even when space is at a premium due to any reason, for improved layout in terms of multi-functionality. For a while now Arclinea has also offered ‘professional’ kitchens for top-level cuisine: tangible, rational and welcoming layouts for culinary schools. Exemplary, differentiated partnerships that seem almost to draw inspiration from Arclinea home kitchens for professional catering design. This evolved mindset, applied to various sectors, has made way for the “Arclinea Project Division”, which thanks to its Hospitality, Marine and Residential divisions is today a constantly expanding international business.