• Residential line-up (Wall Mounted, Floor, 4 way cassette, Floor/Celling, Duct, mono split, multi split from 2 up to 8 indoors, accessories)
  • Commercial line-up (4 way cassette, ceiling, duct, multi split configuration at simultaneous mode)
  • Airstage VRF (VRF Systems can be designed to create an air conditioning comfort solution to suit most buildings requirements from the smaller to a largest one
  • Waterstage A2W (Waterstage makes an Economical and Clean hot water heating system by Heat Pump, the clean energy produced by Waterstage reliably delivers “comfort” to all spaces in the home up to the living room, bedrooms, bath and swimming pool.

rom 35 years General developed and produce high quality products and high level efficiency standard. Japanese high technology and specific skills are the criteria on which the Product design, in line with company policy That aims to “create a very comfortable environment”.

The low noise design is one of the main features of GENERAL products, in reference to both sections (VRF and RAC). Compressor noise has been significantly reduced to make more comfortble and pleasant environments.

Enery saving technology
The greater energy efficiency and simultaneous cost’s restriction is realized by the use of a DC twin rotarty compressor, inverter technology and large heat exchanger.

Environment’s respect: great efficiency in seasonal operating conditions

How Fujitsu General Limited works to the European plan 20/20/20 by 2020:

by renewable energies
General suggests air heat pumps as primary heating source.

CO2 emissions
General products comply with European standards F Gas 842/2006/EC to reduce CO2 emissions.

Primary energy use
GENERAL products ensure low energy consumption and low primary energy.

Research and Development
In the Research and Development Center at the headquarters operational Office in Japan, Kawasaki, is possible test different products creating operating conditions, such as a high 60 meters’ tower. Thanks to technological tools General products ensure high quality and efficiency to satisfy customer’s needs.