Main products and services:

  • Matresses


Magniflex was created in the 1960’s by Giuliano Magni. Thanks to his far-sighted approach, today the name is a guarantee of quality.

It marked the beginning of a revolution: at that time, the first mattresses were crafted inside a small laboratory in Prato, where the skill and craftsmanship of the world capital of textiles merged with the new ideas of rest and well-being.

Today, the company is one of the most highly regarded international companies in the rest and well-being sector and exports products to almost 100 countries worldwide. Magniflex is the result of passion, ingenuity and constant research to assure maximum well-being and to maintain a respectful relationship between people and nature.

It is this objective that has led the company to carry out its research, production and assembly cycle under the direct supervision of expert craftsman, technicians and over 180 employees who produce 10,000 new mattresses every day, with over 35 million mattresses in use around the world.

All the processes involved in the design, production and delivery of the raw materials are carried out strictly in Italy. The raw materials and the experts in our factories are all from Tuscany: this local production cycle guarantees a considerable reduction in pollution levels.

Furthermore, the company has obtained certifications of quality at the international level, such as the Oeko-Tex® certification, which assures the quality of the products and guarantees that the materials used are free of substances that are toxic and harmful for people and for the environment.