· Electric Vehicle Chargers

· Wallbox

· Charging columns

· Multi-plug systems


S&h is an italian company specialized in the filed of industrial electronics.

Our product line RicaricaEV-Hotel is specifically designed for hôtellerie.

Our products are elegantly designed, fully customizable with hotel’s logo and graphics, suited for charging all kinds of electric veihicles (from cars to mopeds), and they are optimized for single or multiple installations.

RicaricaEV-Hotel offers two main solutions:

  • Wallbox: realized with innovative materials, with different plug standards and power size; our wallboxes arr the perfect solution for a small charging stations.
  • Multiplug systems: we offer flexible, modular and expandable solutions for managing charging stations with many charging points, optimizing installation and management cost.

Our solutions allow the hotel to have full control over the charging service: for instance granting the access only to authorized guests;monitoring the energy consumption; managing payments; setting opening hours; analyzing recharge data; etc.